ताराबाई पेपर्स (इंग्रजी)

ताराबाई पेपर्स (इंग्रजी)


In the series of the historical publications of the shivaji university, I have out two volumes of Marathi Papers under the title ” Tarabaikalin Kagadpatre” ( Tarabai Papers). Volume I covers the period of 1680 to 1720 A.D. and volume II from 1721 to 1749 A.D. the third volume covering the period 1750 to 1761 is under preparation.  Meanwhile a collection of unpublished ( and probably unknown) Persian letters relating to Tarabai’s period was under study and the same is published here under the title “Tarabai Papers – A collection of Persian letters”.

  • Dr. Appasaheb Pawar

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Writer : Dr. Appasaheb Pawar

Price: Rs. 45.00

First Edition : 1971

Publisher : Shivaji University, Kolhapur 416004

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Superintendent, Shivaji University Press, Kolhapur